What You Need to Know Skip Hire Dublin South

Have you ever considered skip hire Dublin South? If not, perhaps now is a good time to change your mind. This unique concept allows visitors the opportunity to travel in style without having to pay over the odds for the privilege of using public transport or being booked into a hotel.

The idea behind a skip is simple; you lease it and return it when its time to leave. They are often used in conjunction with ‘fare-card’ based entry passes to allow a tourist to enter the city’s most famous shopping district without having to purchase another ticket. These passes can then be collected at each location, allowing the user to move as slowly or quickly as they wish within the limit of the pass.

In essence, it’s like paying for the convenience of shopping in a brick and mortar store but without having to pay for a membership or to buy something. That said, there are some restrictions involved with using a skip. Firstly, some local residents do not like the smell of someone leaving dirty clothes or furniture in their doorway. If you are entering the building at the same time as another occupant, please ask before walking on.

Limitations aside, the ease of use provided by a skip hire Dublin South is undeniable. They are easy to load and to empty. No matter where you are going, you only need to be close to a public road. You don’t even have to be in the street for the skip to work. Just don’t try to drive any kind of car, if you don’t know what you’re doing! If you’re travelling at speed (which you shouldn’t), you may find that the space fills up very quickly.

The installation of the skip itself is quite simple. A ramp is laid in place, from which you then pull the skip itself onto the ramp. There’s also a conveyor belt system at work, which picks up the skip and places it in a convenient position for collection. At the end of the trip, the belt automatically lifts the ship to its destination, keeping it neatly alight until it is collected again.

Once the skip has been collected, it is left on the main Dublin road for collection by the local council sanitation workers. The skip hire Dublin South company will come to collect your skip and make sure it is properly removed. It is then picked up by a skip chipper, which uses high-pressure equipment to crush the remaining refuse into a neat pile. It is then piled up into a covered container and left to be washed away. The removal company will remove all of the rubbish and then clear the area with a hose before turning the skip back in to the city’s main sewer system. That’s about it!