What Are Fire Watch Guards and How Do They Serve an Important Function?

Fire Watch Guards

Fire watch guards are usually on-site in order to protect the entire facility from fire and to ensure the entire building is properly operational. However, in certain situations where an off-site employee is required to perform these duties, a local fire Marshall may be called to inspect the premises. In these instances, fire watch services would be available and easily accessible, including the fire watch service provided by a professional fire guard company like Fire Watch Guards. Fire Watch Guards is a locally owned and operated company whose highly trained and experienced watch guards are always available to provide 24-hour fire watch service at the specified location. Fire Watch Guards has been providing their customers with high quality, emergency fire protection services since 1983, with the highest standards of fire safety and protection.

Fire Watch Guards is solely devoted to providing the communities with the highest quality, highest capacity, and most cost effective emergency fire protection services. The company’s fire watch guards provide their customers with a highly responsive and knowledgeable workforce who are ready to respond to any emergency situation promptly. Located in Georgia, Fire Watch Guards has a dedicated staff of volunteer fire fighters and professionally trained volunteer fire officers who are also equipped with the latest state of the art equipment for fire fighting. All of the company’s staff members undergo extensive training to receive fire safety certification, which includes specific training regarding fire engineering operations and fire protection procedures. Each member of the staff is also assigned an emergency communications team that includes trained dispatchers, medical response, and a well-stocked emergency supply pantry.

Fire Watch Guards is one of Georgia’s premier security services providers. The company provides a full spectrum of emergency security services to its esteemed clients, ranging from security patrol services to access control and incident management services. One of the most important services provided by Fire Watch Guards is the placement of fire watch guards at high risk locations around the state of Georgia.

In addition to serving as a patrol unit, each fire watch guard is assigned to a specialized unit that includes a fully-trained and certified emergency medical attendant. If a fire watch guard should become injured while on duty, they will be immediately taken to a local hospital for treatment. In the event of a medical emergency, fire watch guards will then transfer the injured victim to a trauma center. Fire department officials will then take over the patient’s care at the local fire department.

Throughout Georgia, Fire Watch Guards perform their duty in a variety of capacities. On site at construction sites throughout the state, fire watch guards patrol major thoroughfares and high-risk construction sites. Along with making sure all of the building’s safety codes are being followed, they also make sure all construction sites are properly lit and maintain proper precautions to prevent fire. On site in the field, fire watch guards are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure perimeter surrounding any construction site. This means that they are responsible for keeping walkways clear of anything that could potentially start a fire, from debris to sparks to large machinery or live wires.

On a smaller scale, fire watch guards are often found at day cares and other facilities that have some form of child care. Fire watch services are also typically found in nursing homes, senior centers, and hospitals. In these places of business, fire protection system patrol teams are always on duty. While these guards may not have the authority to enter secured areas or make arrests, they can still play an important role in fire prevention. Because most of today’s modern fire alarm systems have automatic fire detection systems in place, it is impossible for an untrained person to disable the system. Instead, only those who know how to operate the fire protection system and are certified by the fire department can stop it from working.