Parker Family Dental

At Parker Family Dental Center on University Blvd., there is a wide selection of restorative, general and cosmetic dental services available. Your individualized dental care starts with a complete exam and dental cleaning.

In the dentist’s office you may be asked to fill out paperwork and provide photos to make sure you have no gum disease. If you do, the dentist will schedule you for an x-ray or a special imaging process called a cavity search. Your teeth will be x-rayed and a digital camera will be used to take photos of your teeth and gums.

X-rays can reveal many health issues. Cavities scan can see the inside of the cavity where a tooth is located. When this type of scan is performed, the results are usually clearer and the dentist can make better decisions about treatment options.

A dental exam allows the dentist to get a better understanding of what your teeth will look like when they are fully restored. The entire process takes less than one hour. There are several types of procedures that can be performed during the dental exam, including root canal, dental implant, tooth extraction, dental bridges, tooth crowns and dental veneers.

Once the dental exam is completed, the dentist will then make the determination about the best procedure for you. Many people choose a dental procedure known as dental veneer. This is a process where a layer of porcelain is applied to your tooth, and a composite material is placed over it to cover up the porcelain.

When choosing a procedure such as dental veneer, it is important to understand all of the details, and ask questions. Be sure to ask about the possible side effects, the cost and how long it will take to see a noticeable change in your smile. Make sure that you have discussed all of your options thoroughly with your dentist before you make a decision.

Dental veneer may also be a good choice for those who are missing one or more teeth. An experienced dental practitioner can help you determine if this procedure will be a good choice for you. It is important to talk to your dentist and find out what your options are. You may want to talk to a dental specialist to make sure that the procedure is the best option for your dental needs.

Dental veneer should only be used as a temporary solution. You should not expect your teeth to look as good after using dental veneers as they did before you had your teeth pulled. Dental veneers should be used on only the front teeth and back teeth, not both sides.

Some families choose restorative dentistry instead of dental veneers. In this procedure, a filler is placed under the gum line to create an attractive smile that is healthier and brighter.