How Did Ty Tysdal Recover From Alcoholism and Drug Abuse?

Ty Tysdal

Ty Tysdal was a drug addict and alcoholic who struggled for his life. He fought a losing battle to get off the drugs and alcohol that destroyed his life, his health and his future. When he was in a drug treatment center, he met and became friends with Michael J. Fox, who would become an inspiration to Ty Tysdal when he went into treatment.

The two Ty decided to go on a national search for a drug treatment center, which was equipped to treat both drug addictions and alcoholism. When they arrived at the drug rehabilitation facility, they were shocked by the inpatient-care that the center offered them. The staff was very caring and kind, but could not handle drug addicts and alcoholics trying to detox themselves. They also did not have any support from the doctors or other staff members. The doctors and the other medical staff members simply did not know how to deal with the drug and alcoholics because they themselves had become addicted to or had been dependent upon the drugs and alcohol themselves in some cases.

The drug rehabilitation center required that Ty Tysdal take a twelve-step program in order to get off of the drugs and alcohol which had caused him so much pain. He had taken heavy quantities of pills and alcohol to cover up his feelings of discomfort and unhappiness and the doctor and the staff had not been able to help him see things this way. Ty Tysdal decided that if he was going to get well, then he was going to have to get educated about drug and alcohol dependency. He also made the decision that he was not going to continue to live with the shame, the pain and the fear of going through more pain.

Ty Tysdal is what is known as an “inman.” An infant is a person who has a personal relationship with a teacher, surgeon or priest; one who has developed a bond because of the special closeness the two people share. The inman must accept their problem and learn how to deal with it. Inman, as Ty Tysdal was, went into drug rehab programs in order to learn how to deal with his addiction. He had been doing a lot of research on the subject and had read many books and articles on the subject and he wanted to know the right way to go about beating the drug and alcohol addiction that he had become so used to. His goal was to free himself from the shackles that the drugs and alcohol had placed on him and he did just that.

During his time in drug rehab programs Ty Tysdal made some amazing and important decisions. He decided to remain positive and to keep his faith in God and to not lose hope no matter what the circumstances were. He also decided to try very hard to stay sober and not give up. He was very disappointed when he first quit but after doing the research and talking to other inman he decided he could beat the addiction and he did. He went on to become a successful and happy successful person because of the strength he had within him and he never gave up.

Unfortunately, not everybody is so lucky and can get away with the use of drugs and alcohol. There are some people who are so addicted and dependent on them that they just will not be able to live a normal life without them. This is the reason why there is so much focus on helping people quit using these substances. We should never accept that a drug or alcohol dependency is the norm. It is always good to live in the knowledge that there is help out there for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addictions.