A Look At The Yamaha NP12 Piano

Yamaha NP12

In my opinion, there is nothing quite like the sound quality that a Yamaha NP12 Virtual Piano can bring to your rehearsals and concerts. From the first note, Piaggero can easily amaze you with the rich tonal tones and the smooth, articulate melodies it possesses, from the lovely, warm tones picked up on one of Yamaha’s highest quality acoustic grand pianos, to the light, bright electric piano sound and other great sounding voices. The NP-32 also features a “Silver Acoustic Keyboard” with light-weight keys for an easy traveling experience, and a front unendowed aluminum “Thumbrest” for comfortable placement at your right listening position. It is surprisingly natural and intuitive, and with practice you’ll be playing songs without thinking about it.

If we have learned one thing over the years about keyboards, it has to be about Yamaha pianos. They are very well thought out instruments that are designed to be easy to handle, and they are exceptionally musical, whether playing alone or played with another instrument, whether it is a violin, a guitar, an electric bass, etc. A Yamaha piano is one of those exceptional instruments that just about everyone should know how to play because of its unsurpassed richness of sound and tone. That is not to say that other brands do not offer pianos with incredible value and performance, but Yamaha pianos simply stand out above the rest. Of course, there are many pianos in the market today, so Yamaha is the best of the best. And if you think that the price tag is a problem, consider this–the Yamaha NP series of pianos is less expensive than most of the competition, which equates to a lot more comfort and convenience for you as the buyer.

The Yamaha NP series is probably best known for its music production capabilities. The keyboards within this series come with preloaded sounds that are optimized for different types of music such as jazz, rock, reggae, metal, etc. With this being said, if you’re into different types of music and are looking for a keyboard to work with, you would do well to find a Yamaha keyboard. Not only does it offer great sounding music, but it also offers other benefits such as the ability to be used with most computers and operating systems.

Aside from its music production capabilities, the Yamaha NP12 piano also comes with some unique features. One of these is the fact that is has a true digital keyboard, which means you can program in sounds and drum beats using actual piano keys instead of using the on and off keys found on regular keyboards. The real key to this digital keyboard feature is the fact that you can save these tracks directly to your computer hard drive without having to re-load the software. The Yamaha Psr series is not cheap when compared to other pianos out there, so this is certainly an extra benefit for the serious pianist.

A typical keyboard found in Yamaha pianos tends to be very wide. This is why many experienced pianists still prefer to own pianos instead of investing in digital ones because of its wide capability to stretch across the entire keyboard. However, with the Yamaha NP12, you are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles such as weighted keys or full weighted keys. What this basically means is that regardless of how many times you play the piano, it can handle an increased number of key presses without it feeling awkward at all. This is because the weighted keys move more freely when pressure is applied on them, unlike the pianos with full weighted keys that can get stuck after a while.

Finally, there is one more thing that makes Yamaha pianos superior to those of other brands; the ability to program them with mouses and joysticks. Unlike acoustic pianos where you would have to purchase special pedals in order to be able to control the keys, pianos with MIDI capability offer great versatility for the user. For example, a pianist can easily program a weighted key to make the left hand to play the notes of a melody or a bass line with ease. If one wants to be able to add some spice to his or her playing, then pianos with MIDI capability can help one achieve this easily. If you are planning on buying one of these keyboards, then there are several things that you should check out first to ensure that you are indeed getting the best deal out of your money.